(another St Jon Production)
9 levels of riddle based puzzles
Created by small-tool and Jonthewatch


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- Try to interpret the hints given on a level to get the answer (sometimes you may have to Google a bit or use some kind of cipher, but it's mainly your brain you'll need).

- No hints at all in the url, source, exif and/or pic properties or pic names.

- Answers go in the answer box, but...no spaces, just lowercase letters. And... letters only, so no punctuation, no numbers, etcetera, etcetera.

For example, if you think the answer is Small-Tool, you have to put in: smalltool

- If your answer is correct you will go to the next level. If wrong you will get a page that looks a bit like this:


- Yalçin who created  (EG24, Escape Games 24) the best games site in the world.

- Jonthewatch, who was 'again' so very nice to make my crazy thoughts into a playable online game.

- Cawulla who beta-tested this riddle and found tons of mistakes (even solved the levels with those mistakes in them though) and told me how to make it better.

This is just prequel 1 of 4. Created to get the hang of how riddles are played and what the basic tricks are.

Play and 'learn' to have more fun when the real deal will come out this Friday.

Anyway, let's cut the crap, here's the first level:

Level 1: The start

We start with a very common riddle trick. Almost all the riddles use this method on one or more levels, but the trickier ones with all kind of variations.

The hints (but it's so basic, so usually no hint) for such a level are often things like 'first things first' or 'initially you will find the answer' or 'use your thinking cap'.

Eventually those first things together will spell a word that will be your answer, although you sometimes have to visit granny (meaning granmaa = anagram).

Right now, on this very first level, there will be no extra tricks at all, all you have to do is find those five letters, make it a word and use it as answer.